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How does it all work?

Lessons are once a week, for a half hour. They are private, "one on one" lessons and they are run right at the store. We have teachers on Monday-Saturday various times depending on the teacher. We currently have 8 lessons rooms running most of the time.

What do you give lessons in?

We have lessons for many different instruments including: guitar, bass, drums, piano, all brass, all woodwinds, violin, viola, cello and voice.

For how long does one have to sign up ?

There is no specific length of time for which to sign up. A person can sign up for one lesson or take as many lessons as desired. Most people sign up and just continue at their weekly scheduled time until they need to quit or move to a different time if their schedule changes. 24 hour notice is all that is required to quit with no penalty. If a person cancels on the same day and quits, that lesson is considered unexcused and payment is expected.

What is your cancellation policy?

We allow 1 cancel per month with a 24 hour notice. Unfortunately, we have to charge for lessons canceled on the same day of the lesson. We realize that people's lives and schedules can get very complex and we have a lot of young children taking lessons which can make things more difficult if they become ill at the last minute. In these situations we try to help out by allowing a makeup lesson as long as the makeup lesson is taken within the next week but before the next lesson. Most of our teachers are here more than one day during the week, unfortunately if a teacher is here for only one day during the week this makeup policy does not apply.

Can I go every other week?

Unfortunately, the nature of our scheduling does not allow us to have every other week lessons.

Is there any paperwork that I need to fill out?

There is one small contract that we have all of our students fill out. In short it goes over the cancellation policy and has you answer some information about yourself so that we can log you into our database.

So how do I sign up?

Please call us @ 1-978-664-6213 or stop by during store hours.

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